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For many of us, the pandemic has turned the world upside down and changed our lives. Job training has been affected. Previously, most training programs or workshops were conducted in a traditional manner. That is, face to face with a trainer/coach in a classroom environment.

Local and in-house trainers will still deliver training programs. However, due to travel restrictions, it’s impossible right now for specialists to travel the globe. Maybe eventually we will go back to the old way of doing it, or maybe not. The re-evaluation of how we work leads us to question whether it makes sense or not to ever go back to the old ways of training. Now is the time to start in a new direction.

One of the surprising discoveries during the pandemic is we, and many other trainers/educators have found many people have benefited from working at their own pace online.

At home or during downtime at work, you can watch a video two, three, four times if you need to. And you can take 20 minutes for an activity instead of 10. So, you become more confident. 

Coincidentally, we may have hit upon a solution to one of the achievement gap’s biggest causes: people need different amounts of learning time. Now, we have a solution, arising from the pandemic – online training.

However, real effort is still required from you. You need to have an open mind. At first, it may feel strange when you start to participate in an online program. It’s easy to be cynical, and easy to complain. Any new journey is strange and can sometimes be difficult at the start but we strongly recommend you stick with it.

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Chat Rooms: Features include chat rooms and message boards. We encourage you to view these features as the lifeblood of the online program. Once logged-in, you can collaborate with other participants, ask questions, or start a discussion. These tools allow for social interactions that you wouldn’t normally find in traditional programs.

Ask the Coach: Asking questions is an important part of the learning process. We aim to encourage you and, at the same time, make it easy for you. Our coaches are contactable anytime via email. All private communication will be held in the strictest of confidence. See our Privacy Policy.

Sharing articles: You are not alone on your learning journey. Peer-to-peer communication is encouraged. Sharing articles, ideas, and asking questions all enhance the learning experience as well as your enjoyment.

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How long have you been employed in the current organization?

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